White Kitchen Design

Serving NJ & NYC

Classic white. The white kitchen trend has been going on for years. We see it being popular for many more to come. Bright, light, and spacious are all qualities brought into a kitchen with prevalent whites. Modern or traditional rooms expand tenfold with white, creams, and ivories. Use on countertops, cabinets, painted walls, wainscoting, moldings, and field tiles. Natural light brings a cheeriness to homeowners in the morning hours. Choose to awaken to a beautiful crisp and clean kitchen every day.

  • Combine whites with different textures and patterns to bring interest and flow throughout a monochromatic kitchen.
  • Whites make any door style, recessed, flat or raised seem light and sophisticated.
  • High gloss or lacquer white cabinets ramp up a modern feel.
  • Solid painted creamy wood cabinets or with a light glazing bring warmth to a traditional room.
  • Paired with stainless steel cabinets any kitchen sings with brightness and airiness
  • White cabinets on top of a dark floor – wood or tile – give a pop of contrast for those looking for separation
  • White prepares a room with a foundation where any color can be introduced as a pop of color.
  • White acts as a neutral – great for resale projects
  • Can accept chrome, nickel, oil rubbed bronze, or gold hardware – all options offer great style
  • Counter top options are numerous with a white cabinet foundation – granite, quartz, quartzite, wood, soapstone, concrete, glass can all be matched beautifully and can often bring an accent color to the room.