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shaker kitchens for nyc and nj

Shakers were pioneers of form and function and renowned for their minimalist design. Distinctive craftsmanship, simplicity, and innovative joinery are all features to a shaker inspired space. Shaker acts as a transitional design in today’s homes. The industry has moved towards contemporary design, but not every house can absorb sleek cabinets and sharp angles. In light of homes personalities, many times we use shaker cabinetry to modernize a traditional house or vice versa. We can use shaker cabinetry to tone down an ultra-modern home yet still stay true to the integrity of a room.

  • Adhere to clean lines without ornamentation
  • The standard shaker cabinet door is either a wide frame 5-piece flat square door for a more contemporary look, or a small frame for a traditional look. The newest of the Shaker doors has a double 2-step frame.
  • Paned-glass cabinet doors are often used to create a hutch—the look of a free-standing piece of furniture—that is incorporated into the overall design that feels lighter than all wood doors
  • Appliances are usually concealed behind cabinet panels to keep a seamless look
  • Countertops should be modest like soapstone, absolute black granite, quartz, or a warm butcher block and not overly patterned.
  • Mix painted finishes with a natural wood finish, contrasting islands or two toned kitchens are very popular
  • Choose low-sheen finishes on cabinet doors
  • Utilitarian hardware is the best with a shaker style; bin pulls and latches are common.
  • For a more modern Shaker look mix clean whites with the starkness of black and sleek polished stainless steel appliances