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Depending on the proportion and finish, hardware can be like a big chunky gold necklace or it can blend into the cabinetry with a subtle shine like a quiet silver bracelet. Hardware is the jewelry of the kitchen. They are the final pieces to be installed and insert punches of texture and color.

In the middle of an entire kitchen renovation? The hardware you choose is going to make a particular statement. Browse through our style galleries to see what hardware works. Hardware is a small item yet it can hold a lot of design pull. Even replacing just the hardware in a space can make a huge difference if you are looking for an economical and quick update.

Some things to keep in mind are; 1) Visit a showroom to feel the hardware in your hands. Quality can be deceiving by online photos. Some knobs are fabricated hollow and feel cheap and light. 2) Feeling the hardware in your hands also tells you what fits best ergonomically. Hardware is a personal choice just like jewelry.

Here at BKB we feature Top Knobs, Atlas Hardware, Emtek, Elements, and Jeffrey Alexander collections.

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Trends come and go with hardware just like jewelry. For a timeless look, stick to the classics that can remain in style through the years. Most designers will incorporate the finish of the hardware with plumbing fixtures and lighting.

Knobs and pulls are the most traditional of combinations for cabinetry. Pulls are useful on drawers while knobs are utilized mostly on wall cabinet doors but they are really interchangeable. Large drawers need to have two knobs or one very long pull per drawer to function optimally. Our designers are happy to help you sort through these decisions.

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Long skinny pulls can make a streamlined and contemporary style combined with slab cabinet doors. Painted or oil rubbed bronze finishes on knobs help to finish the look in a country kitchen.

Latches bring a utilitarian and historic feel to a space. They are a more traditional solution for cabinets and tend to invoke rustic stylings. If you are wanting cabinetry to look like it has been there for years from a particular period, these could be your solution.

Hidden pull tabs can be a contemporary hardware solution for cabinetry. They are installed on the outside edge of a door either right underneath the countertop or on the bottom of a wall cabinet door. For a modern look, this hides the hardware and allows the cabinetry to take the stage. The end result is sleek, smooth, and uninterrupted. Here at BKB we have used them on hidden panels that uncover storage in unexpected places. They can be handy on the end of island cabinets.

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Recessed hardware is a fantastic modern solution for cabinet hardware. Some designs require few lines and texture and by recessing a pull into the door there are fewer nuances for our eyes to stumble upon. The focus on the room then becomes the finish of the cabinets or any architectural features.

Placement is the only aspect of hardware that really has some guidelines. For hinged doors, the knob or pull is 2”-3” from the top or bottom of the door (do not include the box if you have framed cabinetry). From the left and right edges of the doors measure ½”- 1” inward or the center of the stile. Even while using these measurements, if height is an issue in either direction for yourself or client, use these dimensions as a guide but place the hardware where it is most comfortably functional.

With all the options out there, we aim to keep the process easy for our customers. Come on in, view our displays of hardware, and we’ll work with you to discover your best fit.