Counter Tops

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The silent workhorses of kitchens & bathrooms

Everything gets placed on them, provide a backdrop, and anchor accents and furniture.

Searching for the right counter top can seem ominous on your own. Seeking professional understanding and opinion can be a huge help in deciding what’s best. That’s why choosing a remodeler with many years of experience is your best bet for acquiring honest, accurate and design savvy information about materials. For over 20 years here at BKB, we know what works, what doesn’t, and can offer suggestions to make you love your counter tops and have it function well for your family.

In a kitchen, the counter top needs to be extremely durable. From entertaining guests over the holidays, to cleaning out the fridge over the weekend, or the arts and crafts afternoon with your kids on a rainy day, this surface needs to hold up; no questions asked! Staining, porosity, and cracking tendencies all need to be considered when choosing a material for this room. The sink plays a major part in the design and material picked for the counter top as well. For example, apron and under mount sinks have particular installation needs that not every material can provide. Our designers are happy to help you sort through the options.

In a bathroom, choices are a bit less limited. The surfaces are usually smaller than kitchen expanses therefore allowing one to choose softer materials. Many choose to use the counter top material for the back splash as well offering a continual streamlined look. A back splash is a great way to use your favorite material in a vertical fashion; almost like art!


Granite – igneous feldspar and quartz rich rock – natural, non-porous, low maintenance high end $$$

Marble – metamorphic calcium rich rock – natural, porous, high maintenance, high end $$$

Wood – natural, porous, durable, high maintenance, high end $$$

Soapstone – metamorphic talc rich rock – natural, soft, high end $$$

Glass – reflective, fragile, variety, high end $$$

Quartz – engineered ground quartz and synthetic resins – man-made, non-porous, variety, durable, mid-level $$$

Stainless Steel – chromium rich steel – hygienic, durable, mid-level $$

Concrete – manmade mixture of ground stone, sand, cement and water – durable, mid-level $$

Solid Surface – glued and sanded acrylic – minimal seams, non-porous, low maintenance, variety, mid-level $$

Laminate – manmade MDF substrate and contact cement – non-porous, variety, fragile, low maintenance, low end $


Seams are a huge factor to consider in your design of any space. Slabs of material can only be fabricated so large and seams sometimes are unavoidable if the design isn’t thought out. Let us help you create the layout to reduce the chance of a seam. Water, food, and cooking functions can make seams worse over time and stand out more than when installed. Different height levels can aide in designing around seams.

Overhangs for islands or bars are a popular feature in most homes today. We all know that entertaining ends up with guests in the kitchen. So, creating seating around the island is important. However, making sure that dimensions provide comfort for sitting and plenty of clearance for walking around are important features to consider. We prefer providing 15” inches of counter top overhang for seating so a homeowner can comfortably fit their legs under as well as tuck the entire bar stool away when not in use.

Edging is a final detail to consider. The trend these days in a transitional space seems to be a simple eased edge. In a contemporary space, a decorative edge can make the overall style of the room seem more transitional and vice versa. Ogees offer a bit of depth and detail without being overly ornate. High traffic corners are something to watch out for and consider carefully.

With all the choices that homeowners have these days, we strive to make your renovation process simple, helpful, and stress-free. Contact us now!