Cabinetry Design & Installation

Serving NJ & NYC

We offer a diverse selection of cabinet lines. In a kitchen, the cabinets can be the largest purchase you will make and we know it’s an investment. We want you to be fully satisfied and comfortable in the construction and finish of your cabinets. Your fulfillment is our success!

There are so many details surrounding cabinetry. There are hundreds of finishes to accommodate the most unique personalities as well as built in accessories, construction type, heights, seating, and warranties. Our designers are equipped with the knowledge about it all.

We are proud to offer top of the line custom cabinetry from Plain & Fancy, UltraCraft as well as a builder’s series provided by Wolf. All of our cabinetry lines are manufactured in North America.

The BASICS: There are two types of cabinetry construction.

cabinetry design and installation nj nyc ct

Framed or inset cabinets are constructed with door fronts flush with the rest of the box which creates a particular traditional appeal. This type of look generally fits well in traditional or transitional spaces as it lends itself to historical design. Practically speaking the inset doors and drawers create smaller access spaces for storage. This is a very high end design. Our Plain & Fancy line offers this custom structure as well as distinctive finishing that cannot be matched. Bring in your color swatches for custom color matching and we’ll take care of the rest.

Frameless cabinetry or overlay is a construction featuring doors and drawers that overlay the perimeter face of the box. With this option, larger access spaces are available as the door fronts and drawers are over top the boxes not inside. Ultracraft’s frameless construction has a wide price range and 100 year warranty. With hundreds of finishes, Ultracraft is a great choice for a particularly discerning eye as well as those working within a budget. The choices are almost endless!